Better by design

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MGO’s proprietary C3 Engineered Wall Systems™ are pre-fabricated to exact client specifications in one of our factories, reducing job-site labour and “fixes”.

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Up to 55%
erecting than 2×4 stick framing.
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C3 Fireboard and C3 Engineered Wall Systems™ offer greater structural performance, stiffness, and durability compared to conventional building materials.

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Wall axial load capacity is nearly 4 times stronger for MgO Wall Panels vs conventional construction.
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MGO solutions offer superior fire ratings with no toxic off-gassing, making our C3 construction technologies far safer than conventional building materials.

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There is a 1 in 4 chance you will experience a large home
fire in your lifetime.
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C3 Engineered Wall Systems™ are specced for a 100-year lifespan, provide superior energy-efficiency, are completely recyclable, and free from harmful chemicals.

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The average lifespan for
a stick build home is only
40 years
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Cost Effective

Our precise, custom-designed solutions are pre-manufactured, saving significant on-site labour, and allowing efficiencies across all trades with less workflow disruption.

Up to 41% less expensive erecting than 2×4 stick framing.
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Water Resistant

Impervious to water and high humidity levels, MGO’s Wall Systems are mold-resistant, and do not degrade, swell, or warp in wet or inconsistent-temperature environments.

Mold icon47% of North American
houses show signs of dampness
or mold